Algorithms and Complexity [pdf]
An Introduction to the Use of Encryption [txt]
Cryptographic Authentication for Real-Time Network Protocols [pdf]
Cryptography [An Overview] [pdf]
The Five Great Inventions of Twentieth Century Cryptography [txt]


A Novice's Guide to Hacking- 1989 edition [txt]
Cracking Mac OS X 10.3.x NT4 and SHA1 Password hashes [txt]
Get Cracking 10.3 [html]
Getting Sum [html]
Hacking Unix 2nd Edition [pdf]
Rooting OS X With Physical Access [pdf]
Sample OS X Startup Script[txt]
Wordlists for OS X password cracking programs[txt]




An Introduction to ARP Spoofing [pdf]
Guide to Network Programming [pdf]
Guide to ARP Spoofing [txt]
Information about the socks protocol [rtf]
Information on the use of proxies [rtf]
IP-Spoofing Demystified [txt]
Proxy Servers Explained [txt]
Simple Attack Against TCP [IP Hijacking] [txt]
SMTP Explained [txt]
SSH Explained [txt]
TCP/IP and Sub7 [txt]
TCP/IP Connections: A 3-way handshake [txt]



Cookies for the Kids v1.0 [txt]
Crimes And Criminal Procedure [txt]
Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted by The Feds [txt]
Finding Other Macs on The Internet [txt]
Hacking Coke Machines [txt]
How to cloak Timbuktu 6.0.3 for OS X [txt]
Identifying someone's IP address [txt]
Removing Your Cable Internet Cap [txt]
Using KDX [txt]




Black Box Plans [txt]
Building And Using Phone Patches [txt]
General Phreaking Skills [txt]
How to bluebox in the USA (the cheap way) [txt]
How to Build and use a Cheesebox [txt]
Info on Boxes [txt]
Redboxing [txt]
The Modern Phreakers Guide to Beige Boxing [txt]
The Modern Phreakers Guide to Busy Boxing [txt]
The Raven Box [txt]
Ultimate beginners guide to phreaking v3.2 [txt]
What you Need For a Field Phreaking Kit [txt]




A Very Quick Introduction to Java [txt]
C++ Manual [sit]
Id3 Tags in REALbasic [txt]
Java in 24 Hours [zip]
Learning Perl [zip]
Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language [sit]
Perl Viruses [txt]
Socket Programming in C [txt]




An Overview of Network Security Analysis and Penetration Testing [pdf]
Apple Mac OS 10.3.x Security Configuration Guide [pdf]
Creating strong password in OS X [pdf]



Unix / Terminal

Change 'ls' directory colors [txt]
Fixing Sendmail after March 2003 Security Update [txt]
Mac OS X Terminal Basics v2.1 [pdf]
Monitor SETI command line client progress [txt]
Reading man pages in the current directory [txt]
Running an X11 server on OSX [txt]
Sharing a printer with UNIX machines [txt]
Unix Commands [pdf]
Vi How-to
View local UNIX documentation in your browser [txt]




Wardriving, An Introduction V3.6 [pdf]



Word lists

Computer [tar]
Literature [tar]
Media [tar]
Music [tar]
Names [tar]
Net [tar]
Random [tar]
Science [tar]




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