Mac Hacking [dot] net provides free hosting to any hacking or security related mac site. Hosting can include many services among the ones listed. Everything is completely free of charge, you can get your very own subdomain for no money whatsoever. If you would like to purchase a domain somewhere we will also help you set it up so that you can use us for free hosting on your new domain, however you are in charge of purchasing and renewing the domain. Our goal is also to try and personally help your site get noticed and help spread word about your new site or new location. We have some tips on getting your site out there and we love to share them with our members.


The only requirements are that your site stay within the quotas agreed upon, and that your site does not contain any pirated software (warez) or serial numbers.


Signing Up:

So now you probably want to know how you can get a piece of this great deal. Simple, all you need to do is send an e-mail to the address below with all the information needed. You should include the amount of space you would need, bandwith, what your site will be about, and what services you will need (php, ftp, etc.). If your site is already online somewhere be sure to include the link so we can give it a look.

Send your e-mail to this address and please be patient for a reply, we try to attend to the applications as fast as we can.

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